Area of interests include:

  • dyslexia & speech delays
  • memory & sensory processing disorders
  • test & performance anxiety
  • coordination & balance
  • math processing

Caden Jensen

Caden Jensen is certified in Crossinology Brain Integration technique and owner of Brainpower of Southern Utah.
Caden for struggled for years with specific learning difficulties. It affected his performance, confidence and relationships. He found hope after receiving brain integration technique when he was 16. Now he loves learning and feels that he has no limits.
Caden started Brainpower to fulfill his purpose to provide simple powerful  service to those who struggle as he did. Crossinology Brain Integration Technique was developed for people who have problems relating to learning and memory. This includes diagnosis such as ADD and Dyslexia. Other specific issues people often see me for include: poor short term or long term memory, focus and attention, poor reading skills and comprehension, poor coordination, mathematics, spelling, oral skills and writing.
Caden loves God and his family. He is happily married and is the father of a marvelous little boy. He and his family love southern Utah and all it has to offer. He enjoys camping with friends and family, hunting deer and elk on the Tushar mountain range, fishing, exploring new places and serving the community.

  • 435-669-3774